Increase sales by using our bulk sms and banner advertising methods, our system instantly deliver to people worldwide. Advertise with us today.

Cost Effective

We Make Your Business Smarter with Simplified Digital Marketing Methods

At Da Dreamtech, we aim at digital marketing sevices using banner ads, text ads, video ads and bulk sms ads. These form of advertising are effective, instantly and costs advertiser less money.

Everyone is with a phone and this makes it easy to increase sales with our bulk sms service and banner ads. We are here to make sure that every business advertises their businesses at an affordable price in Uganda.

Lowest Price
Text Advertising
Banner Advertising
Video Advertising
Your budget matters

Stay in full control of your budget

Get recommendations, decide your monthly budget, and adjust at any time. Google technology helps you measure results and make the most of your ad spend.

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Maximize leads and conversions

Get better quality leads and enhance conversions using our ad platform

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Increase sales

With our ads, both banner and sms ads, you can easily increase sales

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Show your brand to more people

Building brand awareness now made easy, let people know about your business

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Affordable Advertising

Our banner advertising costs UGX 400 per click and bulk sms costs UGX 35 per sms, isn't that cool?

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Why Choose Us

We are best in digital marketing and digital services

Are you looking for ways to market your services or products? Dadreamtech is a self service digital marketing platform that lets you reach lots of people within a short time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We charge banner/display ads using ppc/cpc and cpm method, ppc/cpc means pay per click / cost per click and cpm means cost per one thousand imperissions. we charge UGX 400 on every click of your advert and 40000 every time your advert is shown 1000 times.

Our bulk sms is charged a fixed fee of UGX 35 per sms but incase you have 100,000 plus contacts you can contact us for reducing a price for you.

We have 2000+ publishers that have platforms with lots of traffic, so your banner ads are displayed on our publisher's platforms.

Either you want to load your bulk sms dashboard or your ads dashboard it's too easy, you can topup your account using mobile money or bank cards.

100% NO, you don't need an expert since everything is easy and automatic, what you need is to create an account or log into your account, deposit funds and set your ads or send your messages.

For bulk sms, there is no mimimum, you can deposit any amount you want then for adnetwork section, minimum is UGX 100,000

You can use any device that have internet access, both small and big, phones and computors works 100% and gives you all the features.

Our system instantly delivers your messages on all local networks in Uganda, should it delay to deliver or fail to deliver? Feel free to contact us.

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